19 May 2022


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  • RHEA Group has been awarded a 3-year contract by EUMETSAT for the provision of Advanced Information Security Services, including design and implementation support.
  • RHEA’s activities will contribute to improvements to EUMETSAT’s IT security levels, providing additional engineering resources to support the security of operational and future missions.


RHEA Group has been awarded a 3-year contract by the European Organisation for the Exploitation of Meteorological Satellites (EUMETSAT) for the provision of Advanced Information Security Services. Under the contract, RHEA will contribute to the evaluation and enhancement of EUMETSAT’s current and future IT security levels, providing additional security engineering resources who will develop, design and support the implementation of state-of-the-art security solutions.

The RHEA team will provide security capabilities for current operational missions such as Meteosat, Metop and the Copernicus Sentinel series, as well as future programmes. They will support networks and IT systems for both operational ground segment services and business-critical support functions and resources. This information security management activity helps gather and process all information security issues, and ensure the creation, maintenance and enforcement of information security policies.

RHEA’s engineers will strengthen EUMETSAT’s Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT) and Security Operations Centre (SOC) service, offering additional security capabilities to help reduce the average time to restore (TTR) for security incidents and reduce the backlog of unresolved incidents.

Jim Cater, Vice-President of RHEA System GmbH, said: “This contract allows RHEA to broaden its cybersecurity capabilities in the German market and will help EUMETSAT to strengthen its cyber resilience in the current volatile and hostile cyber climate, in which cyberattacks are growing exponentially. EUMETSAT provides an invaluable service to governments, industry, academia and the public. Helping it to improve the security of its business is a major focus for RHEA, and we are delighted that our security experts and engineers can help.”

Press contact: Isabelle Roels

Image: Metop-C © ESA