Hazards such as space weather, space debris and near-Earth objects – natural and human-made – may cause knock-on effects that impact services we rely on every day. This can happen at any time.

Space domain awareness (SDA), sometimes referred to as space situational awareness (SSA), is a field we know very well. Our experts help governments, critical infrastructures and businesses across Europe understand the threats from space, and design, deliver and operate solutions to improve their resilience.

Space weather

Solar activity presents a significant threat to a wide range of human activities and critical systems, such as satellites, aircraft and power grids.

We offer a comprehensive portfolio of consulting and engineering services to address this threat. These draw on our long heritage in the space sector and our competences in cloud, data management and preservation, artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML), data fusion, ground segment, cybersecurity and system engineering.

We can:

  • Identify, explore and determine the severity of risks to an organisation or industry sector
  • Provide impact assessments, resilience planning, table-top exercises and more
  • Design, deliver and operate systems to support monitoring and forecasting, including space weather instruments, satellite systems and data management platforms.

Image: ESA’s space weather monitoring mission Vigil is due to launch in 2025 © ESA

ESA s space weather mission ESA Vigil

Space surveillance and tracking

Satellite are under constant threat of collision with space debris and non-operational spacecraft, threatening services such as communications and navigation.

Our experts deliver…

… operational software solutions and engineering services to national and European space surveillance and tracking (SST) systems that are used to detect and track debris objects, catalogue them and provide collision warnings to enable avoidance manoeuvres. They can also provide intelligence to defence organisations, and will support future regulatory frameworks on space traffic management and space sustainability.

Planetary defence

The Earth and human-made objects in orbit around our planet are all at risk from ‘natural’ space objects, including asteroids and meteoroids. Identifying and tracking solar system objects and calculating their trajectories is vital to evaluate the threat from near-Earth objects (NEOs).

We provide support to…

… the European Space Agency’s (ESA’s) NEO Coordination Centre (NEOCC) in Italy, which is the operational centre of ESA’s Planetary Defence Office (PDO) within the Space Safety Programme (S2P).

Graphic showing potential effects of many kinds of space weather - image © ESA Science Office

Trusted to deliver

Our recent space weather projects include both system development and consultancy services:

  • The ‘Space weather innovation, measurement, modelling and risk’ (SWIMMR) programme in the UK
  • EuroGIC: a web application modelling the impact of space weather on power grids across Europe
  • An assessment of space weather risks to autonomous transport
  • Evaluation of costs and benefits of a European space weather operations service.

Image © ESA