At Starion, we apply artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) to help our engineers, partners and clients produce better solutions faster, and to support disruptive business models.

Our AI and ML experts push the boundaries of what is possible. They work closely with our space and security colleagues on projects for teams across the European Space Agency (ESA), while also delivering projects for other space, defence and critical infrastructure organisations and identifying potential new uses for innovative AI-based applications.

Our AI and ML expertise is transforming critical infrastructures

We work side-by-side with subject experts to design and deliver customised, trustworthy AI programmes that:

  • Deliver precise decisional information
  • Handle ever-growing data streams, including segregated (classified) data and information
  • Let staff focus on value-added tasks
  • Enhance digital engineering outcomes
  • Bolster cybersecurity provision for space
  • Uncover beneficial information in existing knowledge resources
  • And more….
graphic illustrating artificial intelligence with AI in text and blue circles

AI and ML for space

Our solutions are transforming space ground segment and mission operations by providing:

  • High automation
  • End-to-end security
  • Autonomous decision-making
  • Cloud native options.

They are also elevating the information that can be gained from Earth observation (EO) data. For example, our AI experts provided:

  • An object recognition and classification capability to the Rapid Action on COVID-19 and EO (RACE) platform, now called Rapid Action for Citizens with EO
  • An AI forecasting system for air pollutants for the Italian IRIDE EO programme.

Caption: Cutting-edge AI algorithms can significantly enhance the resolution and detail of images. Here, the original Copernicus Sentinel-2 image at 10 metres resolution per pixel has been upscaled to 2.5 metres, providing sharper details and improving the information.

ai super resolution before ai super resolution after

We’re supporting ESA’s AI initiatives

Artificial Intelligence for Automation (A2I)

Support for ESA’s activities around its A2I roadmap for AI in mission operations and mission planning.

AI4OPS (Ground Segment Operations Automation Using AI)

Providing a ‘platform as a service’ to internal projects at the European Space Operations Centre (ESOC).

AI for Model-Based System Engineering (AI4MBSE)

Applying AI in concurrent design to produce multiple new design versions of a complex system.

AI-Powered Digital Assistant for Space System Engineering

An automated system to identify potentially beneficial information in existing knowledge resources.

Satellite ground station antennas with orange sun shining through

AI for cybersecurity for space

Our AI and ML solutions are elevating cybersecurity outcomes

We focus on solutions that provide tangible benefits, such as automation to let systems react or learn by themselves, and innovative solutions to protect against the escalating volume and complexity of cyber threats. This can:

  • Provide rapid insights, speeding up response times
  • Support security operations where resources are limited.

Our tailored solutions take account of all legislative and advisory requirements, such as the NIS2 (Network and Information Security) Directive.