Enhance your engineering projects by using models instead of documents, from the conceptual design phase all the way through a system’s lifecycle. Model-based system engineering (MBSE) increases efficiency and productivity, produces better results and provides a ‘single point of truth’ for your data.

Our team can help you identify, implement and optimise an MBSE approach that allows your experts to use their preferred modelling tools, yet still collaborate effectively and exchange information in a consistent way.


It’s much easier to manage models than reams of documents, especially when multiple revisions are needed during a system’s lifecycle and many stakeholders are involved.

Using models in system engineering enables digital continuity, which simplifies processes and increases efficiency.

MBSE lets your teams:

  • Collaborate effectively and make better fact-based decisions
  • Explore options and trade-offs in a rigorous way
  • Re-use concepts
  • Employ AI to rapidly generate different versions for review.
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We know MBSE

Our system engineers are passionate about MBSE and digital continuity. They’re experts in modelling tools and languages, such as Capella, Enterprise Architect, Cameo, NORMA, Ecore, SysML, SysML v2 and our own CDP4-COMET tool, and they implement industry standards such as ECSS-E-TM-10-25 every day.

We can provide consultancy on whatever you need to implement or optimise MBSE in your organisation. To allow your experts to use the best tools and languages for every task at every stage. we can enable data exchange between them – we have already developed integration between many tools and CDP4-COMET, which can act as a modelling hub. We can also provide training in many MBSE tools and languages.

Trusted to deliver

We deliver MBSE services to space agencies and critical infrastructures, including applying MBSE to projects for the European Space Agency:

  • Digital Engineering Hub Pathfinder – An MBSE hub for the early phases of space digital engineering projects based on CDP4-COMET
  • MBSE Hub – A virtualised central hub to streamline the design and execution of space projects to provide semantic interoperability between multiple stakeholders and their tools
  • MBSE 4 AIV – Applying MBSE principles and benefits to later project phase activities of assembly, integration and verification
  • Configuring an MBSE platform for modelling payload data ground segments for operational and planned Earth observation missions.

CDP4-COMETCDP4 Comet logo

Our CDP4-COMET platform is designed to be highly collaborative. This makes an ideal solution for concurrent design sessions for early phase design of complex systems, and as a hub to connect ‘single user’ MBSE tools.

In addition to providing it as a hosted and on-premise solution, we can offer training and certification, support (online and onsite), and integration with other tools in the engineering ecosystem. CDP4-COMET is used by space agencies, defence organisations and other critical infrastructures.

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