Starion is a system engineering company, with a heritage of over three decades. We provide professional engineering services to space, defence and other critical infrastructures, and have key competences in space systems engineering and digital engineering, including concurrent design and model-based system engineering (MBSE).

Within our team, we have experts in a broad range of functions and in major tools, languages and processes, with experience at all levels in many different types of projects. Together, these make us the prime choice for leading and contributing to development and operational system engineering programmes.

Our space heritage is your route to success

We have been providing our clients in the space sector, including the European Space Agency (ESA), with the best engineers, unrivalled expertise and the unique capabilities required for complex space programmes and missions for more than 30 years.

But we don’t stop there. The system engineering capabilities and skills we have developed by working in this extremely challenging domain, including project management, also benefit other industry sectors, such as defence and critical infrastructures. Starion already works with national and international defence agencies and industrial clients.

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Digital engineering


Model-based system engineering (MBSE) increases efficiency and productivity, produces better results, and provides a ‘single point of truth’ for your data. We can help you identify, implement and optimise an MBSE approach that allows your experts to use their preferred modelling tools, yet still collaborate effectively and exchange information in a consistent way.

Concurrent design

Concurrent design is a powerful methodology for early phase design and feasibility studies of complex projects that involve stakeholders from multiple disciplines. It reduces risk for both your engineering team and your customers, providing better requirements and efficiency in the engineering teams and making the customer a smarter buyer.

Software integration

We provide software development to facilitate data exchange in the engineering tool landscape, including MBSE tools and product data/lifecycle management. Our experts design, develop, test and maintain complex, critical, operational software with high levels of automation, autonomy and security.


CDP4-COMET is the MBSE tool our experts developed specifically to support concurrent design projects involving multidisciplinary teams. It is an ideal hub for MBSE tool integration, which is why it is now the platform of choice for space, defence and other critical infrastructure organisations.

Data engineering

Through our experience in the space sector, we know how to manage large datasets, structure them and develop tailored software solutions that turn data into valuable information.

For example, our experts are providing system engineering services to EUMETSAT to support the architectural design of the European Commission’s Destination Earth Data Lake and Warehouse. And they support ESA every day in capturing, configuring and archiving data from major space missions.

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Digital engineering skills and services

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Concurrent Design

Our concurrent design team can help your experts make better decisions for complex projects, reducing costs, accelerating schedules and improving outcomes.

Data Engineering

Gain actionable insights from your data while ensuring rigorous governance with Starion’s robust, scalable and dynamic data engineering solutions.


We can help you implement model-based system engineering (MBSE), increasing efficiency and productivity, and providing a ‘single point of truth’ for your data.

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