CDP4-COMET: a powerful MBSE platform for concurrent design

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CDP4-COMET is a model-based system engineering (MBSE) tool we developed specifically to support concurrent design projects involving multidisciplinary teams.

CDP4-COMET is based on ECSS-E-TM-10-25, a reference standard for exchanging model data that’s used in space system engineering. However, CDP4-COMET isn’t just for space – it can also be used to model complex systems in other domains, including marine engineering, defence and factory design.

To find out more, contact us, read the online user manual or try out the Community Edition (username and password are admin/pass).

Why use CDP4-COMET?

Using CDP4-COMET’s integrated design and modelling capabilities, teams can create a shared model to be used for the full lifecycle of a product or system. Instead of relying on multiple documents that can get out of synch and introduce errors, this model-based approach provides a ‘single point of truth’.

If your team prefers to model in other engineering tools and languages, that’s fine too as CDP4-COMET can link to them and provide a unique shared reference point.

Who uses CP4-COMET?

We’re proud that ESA chose CDP4-COMET as its preferred software for the ESA Concurrent Design Facility (CDF), where it is used in the design of new space missions. ESA teams are using it for mission parameter databases too, demonstrating its flexibility.

CDP4-COMET is also used by the Dutch Ministry of Defence in its CDF, and in other space and defence projects, including the Low Observable Tactical Unmanned Air System (LOTUS) project.

Choose from two versions

Enterprise Edition

Explore the full potential of collaborative design with support from experts for demanding projects. Get in touch to request a dedicated server or install your own.

  • Desktop application or web app
  • Excel add-in
  • Software development toolkit
  • Web services
    • Exchange engineering models
    • Full revision history
    • LDAP authentication
  • Support

Contact us

Community Edition

Free, with an open source licence.

You can try out the Community Edition by connecting to the public CDP4-COMET server: the username and password are admin/pass. The public CDP4-COMET server is reset every night.

  • Desktop application or web app
  • Excel add-in
  • Software development toolkit
  • Web services
    • Exchange engineering models
    • Full revision history

Download CDP4-COMET

Features to unleash your engineering potential

Add plugins to your CDP4-COMET desktop application to explore the full potential of collaborative design.

CDP4-COMET screenshots on a laptop and desktop

Engineering models

Collaborate on models using implicit modelling. Execute user-defined rules to check the validity of your models.

Product tree

Use explicit architecture trees of the different design options and see the impact of design changes in real time.

Reference data library

Create a clear and consistent library of reference data as needed in the modelling work applicable to your industry, organisation or specific project, building up from the extensive Generic Reference Data library (based on ISO 80000).

Python scripting

Develop and debug python scripts that can make use of the designed architecture, parameters and values, and execute them from the desktop application.

Custom built-in rules

Build your own C# built-in rules to check the validity of your models.

Requirements engineering

Create and link requirements to your design for early verification.

Diagram plugin

Visualize your system as a diagram to display, create or edit relations and interfaces.

Plugin manager

Manage your installed CDP4-COMET plugins for easy installation and updates.


Create custom reports to analyze your models, such as mass budgets, power budgets etc.

Excel add-in

The CDP4-COMET Excel integration that contains the CP4-COMET ribbon and access to multiple CDP4-COMET plugins including implicit and explicit modelling, requirements engineering, reference data management and CDP4-COMET parameter sheet generation. Link the parameters to and from your calculation sheets to share the results of your computations with the whole team.

Find the desktop application and Excel add-in here

Web services

The CDP4-COMET web services provide a high-performance REST API (ECSS-E-TM-10-25A Annex C) with full revision history. Find out who made what change and when they made the change. Get access to a complete dataset any given point in time. Export selected models to an ECSS-E-TM-10-25A Annex C.3 archive to exchange with other organizations.

Deploy the CDP4-COMET Services on premise using Docker containers maintained by Starion.

Access the docker container here

Software development toolkit

Use the CDP4-COMET software development toolkit to build integrations with the ECSS-E-TM-10-25A ecosystem without worrying about the intricacies of the standard itself.

Find the software development toolkit here

Web app

With the web app, users no longer need to run a local version of CDP4-COMET. Available for the Community and Enterprise Editions, the web app features nine mini apps:

  • Parameter Editor
  • Model Dashboard
  • Subscription Dashboard
  • System Representation
  • Requirement Management
  • Budget Editor
  • 3D Viewer
  • Reference Data
  • User Management

Find the web application here