Let us help you unlock the full potential of your data and enhance your data strategy with our robust approach to data engineering.

Whether you need a partner for a specific project or an end-to-end solution, we’ll help your organisation get the insights you need while ensuring rigorous data governance.

We enable actionable insights

We’ll identify and implement the best solutions to help you get the most from your data, such as data cubes or data lakes. The result is actionable analytics for informed decision-making and sustainable growth.

We ensure comprehensive data governance

Our long heritage in space and security means we understand what is required to handle big data safely and keep it secure. Our solutions ensure full data integrity and traceable lineage.

We provide dynamic, scalable solutions

We enable agile data transformations, leveraging innovative, cutting-edge data engineering techniques such as adaptive data lakes, transformational data cubes and scalable big data analytics.

How we unlock the potential of your data

Our teams can provide:

  • Big data integration, management and architectures
  • Data governance consulting and implementation
  • Data lake architecture development
  • Agile data transformation solutions
  • Dynamic data cube construction and optimisation
  • Data integrity assessment and enhancement
  • Data lineage tracking and visualisation
  • Advanced analytics and generation of insights

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Who we work with

Our engineers work on a wide range of projects in space and other critical infrastructures, such as:

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Infobanco project

The INFOBANCO project is a unified healthcare platform for the Madrid hospital network. The architecture of the €1.97 million project for the Region of Madrid, co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF), is based on a ‘data lake house’ that fetches data from different sources within clinical and administrative systems, providing a centralised single point of access. Our team was primarily responsible for the hardware infrastructure and data lakehouse development and deployment.

About the Infobanco project

ESA Destination Earth

DestinE Data Lake and Warehouse

Support to EUMETSAT for the the design and implementation of a self-standing DestinE Data Lake and Warehouse for the European Commission’s Destination Earth (DestinE) programme. This will fulfil the storage and access requirements for any data that is offered to DestinE users, providing users with a seamless access to the datasets, regardless of data type and location.

About the DestinE programme