Digitalisation, resilience, security and capability building are all essential to survive and thrive in our changing world.

We can support you with all of these by combining our expertise in competences such as artificial intelligence (AI) and quantum safe communications with our skills in space and system engineering. The end result is powerful, innovative solutions for space, defence and critical infrastructures from a partner you can trust.

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AI and machine learning

Our AI and machine learning (ML) experts collaborate with teams across Starion to customise and integrate AI and ML in a wide range of projects and applications. Our solutions enable organisations to analyse data, extract information and make better decisions faster and more effectively.

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Starion is a Tier 1 integrator of end-to-end quantum safe communications, for space and using space assets. We work with carefully selected partners to provide operational solutions over fibre and satellite in existing national and international environments, no matter how complex.

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Emerging technologies

We have experts working on innovative solutions in a range of emerging technologies, including:

  • AI and ML
  • Quantum key distribution (QKD) and communications infrastructures (QCI)
  • 5G/6G
  • Radio frequency (RF) jamming and spoofing
  • Spectrum monitoring
  • Digital twins.

Together with our space and system engineering teams, and our industry partners, we are addressing tomorrow’s challenges today and providing tailored, market-leading services and solutions.

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