Concurrent design is a powerful methodology for the early design phase and feasibility studies of complex projects that involve stakeholders from multiple disciplines. It connects teams and streamlines processes, enabling your experts to exchange information and make informed decisions effectively and accurately.

Starion’s experts have been working in concurrent design for nearly 20 years. Our approach helps you reduce costs, accelerate schedules and provide better outcomes for your organisation, your customers and all end-users.

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How does it work?

Concurrent design applies fact-based decision-making, supported by model-based system engineering (MBSE) techniques. The support we provide in soft-skill collaboration and hard-skill modelling gives your team insights into all options and trade-offs across the lifecycle. The result is agile, constructive and efficient decision-making.

At a practical level, we will work with you to define your goal and then develop a routine for your team to work on the project, including regular face-to-face sessions, supported by our experienced facilitators and purpose-built software.

Who is it for?

Concurrent design can provide benefits for complex engineering projects in any sector, including space, shipbuilding, defence, factories and other critical infrastructures.

When security experts are involved, it is ideal for ensuring ‘security by design’ from the beginning, saving costs later on. It saves time too – at the European Space Agency (ESA), concurrent design using our CDP4-COMET software enables their experts to design future space missions in just 4 to 8 weeks.

Tailored concurrent design services

Facilitating projects

Our team can help you to structure the design cycle, engage stakeholders, facilitate sessions and optimise data capture and continuity throughout each project.

Training your team

When concurrent design becomes part of your standard working approach, we can train your team to run the sessions instead of us. We’ll always be available to provide support.

Facility design and build

Concurrent design works best face to face in a purpose-built environment. We can design a concurrent design facility (CDF) to get the best from your experts, and oversee its build and fitting out.


Concurrent design isn’t right for every project – equally, sometimes it offers benefits when you don’t expect it. Based on a thorough assessment, we’ll always be honest about whether it could work for your needs.

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Our CDP4-COMET software tool has been developed specifically for concurrent design projects involving stakeholders from multiple disciplines. It’s used by the ESA and Dutch Ministry of Defence in their CDFs, and by other space agencies and critical infrastructures. It has also been used in the design of factories, unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) and maritime vessels such as luxury yachts and naval ships.

Choose from two versions:

  • Enterprise Edition – Get support from Starion experts for demanding projects
  • Community Edition – Open source, with access to the source code and desktop and web applications.

Discover CDP4-COMET

Services solutions satellite Earth technology

Save time

Reduce the duration of feasibility studies by 75%

Cut costs

Reduce the experts’ hours required for complex system designs by 50%

Improve decisions

Exchange ideas, insights, engineering models, designs and data efficiently