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Starion UK is based in Bath, and has been working within the UK space sector for over a decade. We provide system engineering, space and ground segment capabilities, positioning, navigation and timing (PNT), space weather, space domain awareness and space consultancy expertise to governments, defence and commercial organisations in the UK and overseas.

Aligning with the UK agenda

Starion UK’s business is grouped around three strategic business streams that are aligned with the UK Government’s space agenda, focusing on climate (the ‘Green Agenda’) and resilience for critical national infrastructures, and to support inward investment and export through sales of our competency products and services.


Starion UK business streams map to our capabilities in space segment, ground segment, and government and commercial.

Starion UK’s activities and expertise around space include PNT, intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance (ISR), space weather and space domain awareness, together with activities and extensive expertise on ground segment solutions and products, including:

Our ground segment software and expertise has been selected by the UK Ministry of Defence for satellite ISR constellation operations. They have also been used by Astroscale, a pioneering commercial space debris removal company, for the past 5 years, supporting mission planning and automation software for the ELSA-d, ELSA-M and ADRAS-J missions.

UK from space

Case studies

Starion UK is focussed on innovation, cost effectiveness and on-time delivery, and has delivered and supported many game-changing projects.

ELSA d launch for cropping

Ground segment services: ELSA-d

Starion provided the mission control and automation systems of Astroscale’s ELSA-d (End of Life Service by Astroscale demonstrator) at the In-Orbit Servicing Control Centre – National Facility, based at Harwell, UK, for the pioneering inaugural flight.

ELSA-d was the first commercial mission to demonstrate the core technologies necessary for space debris docking and removal, a major step towards expanding in-orbit services and achieving safe and sustainable space. Latterly, we have been providing the same services for Astroscale’s ELSA-M programme, the follow-on mission of ELSA-d.

How we supported ELSA-d

rhea group dover satellite over earth 4x3 1 1

PNT: DOVER Pathfinder

The Starion UK team created a SmallSat pathfinder satellite for resilient PNT based on global navigation satellite systems (GNSS). This was a payload on the first rocket to launch from UK soil in early 2023. DOVER was co-funded through the European Space Agency’s (ESA’s) NAVISP programme.

The DOVER satellite, measuring 30x10x10cm, was designed to provide R&D results for waveforms devised by Starion engineers to confirm the performance in providing satellite-based global PNT services for critical national infrastructure resilience.

About DOVER Pathfinder

Coronal mass ejections sometimes reach out in the direction of Earth. © ESA/NASA - SOHO/LASCO/EIT

Space weather: SWIMMR

Space weather describes conditions in near-Earth space that result from the interaction between solar activity and the Earth’s magnetic field. Severe space weather has the potential to impact critical national infrastructures, with those most affected being space, energy, communications and transport sectors.

Starion UK is working with the Science and Technology Facilities Council to publish a report on socio-economic impacts as one of 11 projects funded through the Space Weather Instrumentation, Modelling and Risk (SWIMMR) programme. Through the report, we have brought together previously disparate sectors to engage in a collaborative approach to space weather resilience.

Our contribution to the SWIMMR programme

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