The Dutch Ministry of Defence (MoD) and Dutch Naval Design are teaming up to develop an unmanned surface vehicle (USV) for maritime operations. Starion is providing model-based system engineering (MBSE) expertise and the use of our CDP4-COMET platform to support the new project.

The new unmanned craft for maritime operations, which should be operational in about four years’ time, will be technologically highly advanced, sustainable, autonomous and operationally flexible.

The innovative 12-metre-long vessels will be crucial for anti-submarine warfare and will operate from the Anti-Submarine Warfare Frigates, due to be delivered around 2030. For anti-submarine warfare, a helicopter accompanies the current frigates. However, soon this aircraft will no longer have to perform this task as the USV can manage on its own.

The USVs will be capable of conducting operations for longer periods of time. Combined with unique sonar equipment, this represents a major advance.

Dutch Naval Design is a partnership of maritime defence experts from industry and academia.

Further information

Dutch MoD:

Dutch MoD contract signature April 2024
Dutch MoD and Dutch Naval Design contract signature for new unmanned surface vehicle