4 July 2023


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A consortium including RHEA System Spain has successfully completed the INFOBANCO project, a unified healthcare platform for the Madrid hospital network. The €1.97 million project for the Region of Madrid, co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF), was one of three projects celebrated at a symposium in Madrid, Spain, last week to mark innovation in the management of health in the Community of Madrid

30 June 2023 marked the end of three innovative Public Procurement of Innovation (Compra Pública de Innovación; CPI) projects in Madrid, Spain: INFOBANCO, Medigenomics and Integra-cam. These successfully completed projects are the first CPI projects managed by the Ministry of Health, and represent a significant milestone in the management of innovation in health in the Community of Madrid. RHEA Spain, in a consortium led by NTT Data and together with VeraTech, designed, developed, implemented and deployed the INFOBANCO project.

The completion of the three projects was celebrated at a symposium ‘Building the present and future of Innovation in Health’, organized by the Regional Ministry of Health at the Community of Madrid. The symposium gathered in particular all the companies involved in INFOBANCO, along with experts from Hospital 12 de Octubre, Primary Care and SUMMA 112 (emergency services). The Ministry of Science and Innovation also participated, together with European and international experts in the field of public procurement of innovation in health.

About the INFOBANCO project

INFOBANCO is a pioneering project in Spain, aimed at providing a regional network architecture of health data in the Community of Madrid. It was set up to enable exploitation of health data and the creation of data exchange and processing networks, and to establish good data practices.

The final objective is to have a health system that learns and is able to use the generated healthcare data for:

  • Supporting clinical decision-making, so that care can be more personalized, improving the patient experience and their involvement
  • Offering value-based healthcare that allows efficient use of resources and spaces, promotes the transformation of processes and continuous learning with the results obtained, and identifies the training needs of professionals.
  • Boosting research, using standard data structures that allow data exchange between organizations, whether in clinical trials, epidemiology, pharmaco-surveillance or genomics, for example.

The architecture of the INFOBANCO project is based on a ‘data lake house’ that fetches data from different sources within clinical and administrative systems, providing a centralized single point of access. The data is aggregated and transformed to improve structure, semantic richness and quality. It is then post-processed and stored in normalized repositories using international standard formats, with tools that enable the data to be queried, analyzed and visualized by managers, clinicians and researchers.


The consortium members, NTT Data, VeraTech and RHEA Group, had different responsibilities within the project. On the client side, the project was carried out at Hospital 12 de Octubre in Madrid, co-led with Primary Care and SUMMA 112, among others. The support of experts from these centres was key to the success of the project, along with the collaborative spirit and commitment of the consortium members.

RHEA was primarily responsible for the hardware infrastructure and data lakehouse development and deployment. The team from RHEA Spain, which has extensive experience in big data analytical environments, built the core of this project using methodologies covering massive data storage and parallel data exploitation. This architecture and technology stack are key for the project to scale and evolve in the future to adapt to new challenges.

To complete its role in the project, RHEA System Spain took advantage of the experience gained in the healthcare and spatial sectors, such as the Horizon 2020 PANACEA project. In the PANACEA research and innovation project, which provides a secure platform to support exchange of information and hospital data distribution through cloud services, RHEA Group was responsible for data security and governance.


In front of hospital Infobanco team
The 3 innovative CPI projects teams in Madrid, Spain (INFOBANCO, Medigenomics and Integra-cam).