19 May 2021


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  • Belgian companies RHEA Systems S.A. and SatADSL S.A. sign a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to implement a satellite communications pooling and sharing service (PSS) prototype, with a structured security-by-design process, initially created for the European Space Agency (ESA) BESecured PSS contract.
  • The MoU will enable both parties to produce a commercial Secured PSS following delivery of the technology (Alfa) phase of the ESA BESecured PSS project.
  • A commercial Secured PSS will allow both parties to address and anticipate the rising market demand for ubiquitous secure satellite communications ‘as-a-service’.

Belgium-based RHEA Systems S.A. and SatADSL have signed an MoU to provide a unique Secured PSS capability based on the innovative BESecured PSS project being created for ESA. Once delivered, both companies will be able to offer the joint capability to space organizations, as well as other commercial and institutional market sectors.

Pooling and sharing satellite communications capacity from multiple satcom satellite operators in a secure manner provides an alternative, cost-effective way for users to gain access to secure communications services. This can be particularly beneficial if they are required at short notice or if they are used, for example, for communication between governments or governmental agencies.

Building further on the BESecured PSS project, the commercial Secured PSS will combine the high security and reliability of SatADSL’s neXat bandwidth aggregation with RHEA’s security-by-design and security monitoring, detection and response features.

Arne Matthyssen, Chief Solutions and Innovation Officer at RHEA, commented, “RHEA has significant heritage and expertise in providing security solutions into the space and other critical infrastructure domains. Under this MoU, working with SatADSL and its virtual OSS/BSS aggregation platform neXat will enable us to provide valuable and secure PSS capabilities to our existing and potential clients.”

Thierry Eltges, Chief Executive Officer at SatADSL, added, “Following the delivery of the BESecured PSS project, and once the product is commercially ready, SatADSL will operate the Secured PSS for governmental customers.

“It is envisaged that the Secured PSS will be complemented by cybersecurity services through RHEA’s security operations centre in Redu, Belgium, which will detect, analyze and respond to security incidents that occur during the operational life of the PSS platform.”

Press contact RHEA Group: Isabelle Roels

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