16 November 2022


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RHEA and SpeQtral have signed a strategic partnership to establish one of the first satellite-based quantum-safe links between Singapore and Europe. Leveraging both space and ground segment developments, the proposed quantum-secured link will provide critical infrastructures, such as the finance sector, with an operationally secure platform.

On November 16, RHEA System Luxembourg S.A. and SpeQtral signed a strategic partnership to develop a quantum-safe link between Singapore and Europe. Under the agreement, RHEA will leverage SpeQtral’s upcoming satellite, SpeQtral-1, which will be launched in 2024, to demonstrate intercontinental quantum key distribution (QKD) and to exchange encryption keys between Singapore and the European Space Agency’s (ESA’s) Member States.

This strategic partnership follows the launch of the ESA INT-UQKD programme, in which both RHEA and SpeQtral are involved. This is designed to develop and demonstrate international use cases for QKD in operational IT environments. Supported by ESA’s ARTES programme, INT-UQKD is set to make a crucial contribution to the development of Europe’s QKD capabilities for a safer society.

Cooperation with industry leaders such as Singapore-based SpeQtral, a world leader in quantum communications and QKD, is essential to develop operational QKD solutions that respond to real user needs with a short time to market – two key objectives of RHEA’s strategy.